Important Announcement to our Valued Customers

We would like to inform you, our valued customer, that our shipment is finally on the way. Your back orders will be fulfilled and sent in the order they were received as soon as the shipment arrives.

However, due to government actions around the world, container shortages from our vendors and certain ingredients being rationed by either their manufacturers or country of origin, some products will still not be available at this time.


Specifically, our Nu-Eco Hand Cleanser in the 50ml and 125ml sizes as neither size bottle was available from any vendor.


The good news is Hand Cleanser IS available and the 50ml will be back in stock on our next shipment.


Due to worldwide regulations it was always Skyhawk’s intention to phase out the 125ml bottle for a 100ml bottle to fit the liquid carry-on container size. Since the 125ml bottles were not available to fulfil current orders to begin with, we made the decision now to switch to a 100ml bottle without any advance notice to our customers.


We have sufficient 100ml inventory coming in to cover everyone’s needs and again the 50ml bottles will be available on our next shipment. We will be contacting each of you that have outstanding orders to discuss your revised requirements and ship accordingly.


One final bit of good news. We are now offer our Nu-Eco Hand Cleanser in a 400ml bottle size with a hand pump dispenser. Please check our website for current pricing and number of bottles per carton.


We thank you for your understanding as we work through these supply issues and continue to improve our products and how we deliver them.



Your Skyhawk Global Team

Important Notice – Hand Sanitiser Stock

We would like to advise that we are presently out of stock of our Nu-Eco Hand Cleanser (sanitiser) and Nu-Eco Hygienic Surface Cleaner products. We have replacement stocks on an emergency order which is currently under final processing and packing. We will immediately advise when these are expected to arrive into our storage facilities in the UK.

We are accepting pre orders through our website or direct, these will be processed with priority in order of the date of PO’s received.

We still have our Hygienic Hand wash, Air freshener and Room Spray product available from our stock.

Your business is extremely important to us and we thank you for your patience and support.

Thanks from your Nu-Eco Team!

We all NEED to do our part in saving our planet.

“Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” —Stewart Uda

Our products are concentrated, that means if you use a concentrated cleaning product, you need to mix it with water before using it. Thus our products stretch very far. All our products are water course friendly, it won’t do any damage to any of the water systems. Nu Eco products are Biodegradable which means the products are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.


Although our products are in plastic bottles, it is not single use plastic and it is easily recycled; the bottle, the cap and the label.

Introducing our Carpet & Fabric Cleaner!!!

This 100% natural, eco-friendly, carpet and fabric cleaner is a liquid product that has an application-specific bacterial consortium that penetrates deep into the carpet fibres for complete degradation of residual soils that may cause odours or recurrence of stains. This natural carpet cleaner provides superior performance and long lasting odour control. The surfactant package and the added stabilised enzymes offer immediate cleaning of a wide variety of stains on carpets.

Business Wales ‘Green Growth Pledge’ Initiative

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have made an important corporate commitment to the Business Wales ‘Green Growth Pledge’ initiative!


Our signed pledge in summary is as follows:

We identified 3 Key Activities important to our business:

  • Working with environmentally responsible suppliers
  • Products & Services
  • Well-being of staff and our local community

The following 3 Key Actions have been pledged:

  • Our products to be 100% eco-friendly
  • Continued development of our products and processes
  • Education for the community.

It has been recognised that our products are 100% eco-friendly, fully biodegradable and Vegan approved. We are also investigating bio-degradable plastics as part of our continued research and development. We have trained all of our staff on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in our business and social activities.

Nu-Eco Product Range Featured on

Our Nu-Eco Product Range has been featured on

In the interview, our Managing Director of Nu-Eco; Andrew East discusses our company values and goals, discussing the simple solutions to ridding harmful chemicals found in our everyday household products.

You can find the interview here, as well as in MyGreenPod Magazine’s Autumn 2018 issue.

We would like to thank MyGreenPod once again for interviewing and featuring our brand on their website and magazine.

Nu-Eco Product Launch Event

On the 7th of November, We held a special launch event at The Kitchen Bureau in Cardiff, to help celebrate our official launch of our Nu-Eco Product Line in the United Kingdom.

We all would like to thank the many wonderful attendees, including the Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Council: Leighton Rowlands, who took their time out of their schedules to come celebrate this momentous occasion with us, alongside our staff for working so hard to reach this point, a moment to truly be celebrated.

With things moving forward, we would like to remind any of our existing and potential customers that all products can be ordered directly here from us on the Nu-Eco UK website.

We’ve provided a few sample photos from the event down below, the rest can be found on our Facebook Page, under the Nu-Eco Product Launch Album

Once again, all of us here at Nu-Eco thank all of our customers, distributors, friends and family for supporting us so far in our endeavours. We hope we continue to impress and fulfil our “Your Green Home Starts Here” initiative.


Nu-Eco Platinum Awards 2018 Winners at GOorganic Festival

We are delighted to announce that Nu-Eco UK an Operating Division of Skyhawk Global Ltd has been presented the Winner Award in the Natural Cleaning Product Category for our Toilet Cleaner at the Platinum Awards event at the GOorganic 2018 festival in London. We have also been awarded ‘Gold’ recognition as well for our Laundry Gel. We have a full suite of 100% Natural and Biodegradable household products which are also certified Vegan Friendly and under the Beauty without Cruelty banner.

We hope that you will join us in the ‘Power of Natural’ revolution and remember ‘Your Green home starts here’

We would to extend our thanks to Janey Lee Grace and her team at Imperfectly Natural for introducing our products to this festival. We look forward to working with our clients.


We’re SO excited to be an entrant to the 2018 Platinum Awards – your votes really do count!

Nu-Eco is a range of 100% natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products which are also 100% vegan. All products are biodegradable and kind to the planet and specially formulated to work effectively using natural ingredients. This means that the products are safe to use and can be used on drains as they do not contaminate watercourses.

2018 Platinum Awards

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