Eco-Friendly Compost Booster


Our 100% natural eco-friendly Compost Booster is a propriety blend of synergistic facultative anaerobes and fungi which are specifically designed to increase the composting process.

This special blend will rapidly degrade the waste matter, including lignin and other solids.


  • Enhances BOD/COD Removal

  • Composting time is greatly enhanced

  • Eliminates bad odours at source


  • Use 500g for every 3 m³ of compost 3 times a week for two weeks.  Use 500 g once a week thereafter. Keep compost damp and turn regularly.

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Bacterial Type: Blend of bacillus spores

Bacterial count: 5.2 billion cfu’s/gram

Appearance: Tan

Fragrance: Mild earthy

Form: Free flowing powder

Shelf life: 24 monthsEffective

pH range: 5 – 9.5

Effective temperature range: 7.5 – 49 oC




  • Sludge composting

  • Sludge mulching

  • Pile composting

Eco-Friendly Compost Booster


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