We would like to inform you, our valued customer, that our shipment is finally on the way. Your back orders will be fulfilled and sent in the order they were received as soon as the shipment arrives.

However, due to government actions around the world, container shortages from our vendors and certain ingredients being rationed by either their manufacturers or country of origin, some products will still not be available at this time.


Specifically, our Nu-Eco Hand Cleanser in the 50ml and 125ml sizes as neither size bottle was available from any vendor.


The good news is Hand Cleanser IS available and the 50ml will be back in stock on our next shipment.


Due to worldwide regulations it was always Skyhawk’s intention to phase out the 125ml bottle for a 100ml bottle to fit the liquid carry-on container size. Since the 125ml bottles were not available to fulfil current orders to begin with, we made the decision now to switch to a 100ml bottle without any advance notice to our customers.


We have sufficient 100ml inventory coming in to cover everyone’s needs and again the 50ml bottles will be available on our next shipment. We will be contacting each of you that have outstanding orders to discuss your revised requirements and ship accordingly.


One final bit of good news. We are now offer our Nu-Eco Hand Cleanser in a 400ml bottle size with a hand pump dispenser. Please check our website for current pricing and number of bottles per carton.


We thank you for your understanding as we work through these supply issues and continue to improve our products and how we deliver them.



Your Skyhawk Global Team

Important Announcement to our Valued Customers

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